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George Batista 

George Batista has been a professional musician for over 30 years as well as a health and nutrition counselor. George uses his passion for both health and music to empower and educate others on becoming successful in those industries.


The Counterparts Show spotlights successful creative individuals. This show is a way of giving back to the community and showing others that they can not only overcome obstacles to creative success but also take control of their life


John Henry Soto 

Although music was his first love he always had a fascination with film. He began to study with the successful theater and film coach Ruth Kulerman. After many lessons and plenty of encouragement from Ruth, he decided to start testing the waters. Early in 2007 he went out and started auditioning. The response was overwhelming and he landed 17 roles in 5 months. Not a bad problem to have your first time out of the gate. It wasn’t primetime or the big screen, but it gave him enough confidence to continue to work hard, and more importantly, he knew he had something special to offer.


John has had films in the Asian American Film Festival, New Film Maker Festival, and 2 years ago the film En Route won first place at the Milford Connecticut Film Festival, in which he was the lead. He was nominated for the best actor in Columbia (The country) film festival for the short Good Bye. He was the lead in the film Down & Across which was accepted into the Cannes film festival. He's written many films that can be seen on his website. His latest project is called And on That Day which is now on the festival circuit. Recently being accepted to the Golden Door Film Festival which is one of the top festivals in the world.

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